Workshops - 2010 - Shanghai

A two-day workshop was held at Shanghai on the 12th-13th of September 2010. 
The first day of the workshop was held at the Shanghai Research Centre for Wireless Communications (WiCO), with approximately 36 attendees. A total of 14 presentations were delievered in the workshop, including two invited talks from academia (Prof. Xiaohu You from Southeast Univeristy and Prof. Zhisheng Niu from Tsinghua University) and three invited talks from industry (Dr Shugong Xu from Huawei, Prof. Tim O'Farrell and Mike Fitch representing Mobile VCE, and Prof. Yang Yang from WiCO). After the workshop, dinner and networking events took place on a Riverside Cruise hosted by Huawei.
The second day of the workshop was held at the Huawei Shanghai Research & Development Centre, in conjuction with the Enabling Innovation Leadership Forum: UK-China Responsible Low Energy Design in the Communications Value Chain, Shanghai EXPO 2010. Prof. Xiaohu You, Prof. Tim O' Farrell, and Mr Simon Flecther delivered three speaches related to next generation Green Radio technologies. Prof. Xiaohu You, Prof. Tim O' Farrell, Prof. Zhili Sun from the University of Surrey, Prof. Yang Yang from WiCO, and Dr Mike Fitch from BT participated in a panel discussion focused on academic outlooks; Mr Simon Flecther from NEC participated in another panel discussion focused on industrial solutions. About 150 people attended this high-profile forum, including Mark Prisk MP, UK Minister for Business and Enterprise. After the forum, dinner and networking events took place at the Shanghai Expo UK Pavilion hosted by the UK Consulate General in Shanghai.   

WiCO workshop programme (Day 1)

8:00-8:30 Registration
Welcome speech
Session 1: Green Communications I (chaired by Prof. Yang Yang, WiCO)
Invited speech: Green radios (Dr. Shugong Xu, Director of access network department, Huawei)
Presentation 1: Green communications through integrated network management (Prof. Zhili Sun, Univ. of Surrey, UK)
Presentation 3: Impact of interference on energy efficiency in multi-cell cellular networks (Asso. Prof. Xiaohu Ge, HUST, China)
10:10-10:30 Coffee/tea break
Session 2: Green Communications II (chaired by Mr Simon Fletcher, NEC)
Invited speech 1: Mobile VCE green radio project [1, 2] (Prof. Tim O'Farrel, Swansea University & Dr Mike Fitch, BT)
Invited speech 2: Dynamic cell planning and self-organized cellular networks for GREEN (Prof. Zhisheng Niu, Tsinghua Univ., China)
Presentation 1: Introduction on wireless communication in smart grid(Ms. Kun Wang, CATR, China)
11:50-12:50 Lunch
Session 3: Cooperative Communications (chaired by Prof. Zhili Sun, Univ. of Surrey)
Invited speech 1: Cell edge performance of cellular mobile communications systems (Prof. Xiaohu You, SEU, China)
Invited speech 2: Standardization progress of self organizing network in 3GPP (Mr Jianmin Fang, ZTE)
Presentation 1 Realistic cooperative MIMO channel models for 4G and beyond (Dr Cheng-Xiang Wang, HWU, China)
14:30-14:50 Coffee/tea break
Session 4: (B)4G Testbed Development (chaired by Dr Michael Fitch, BT, UK)
Invited speech:  SWAN: An open wireless testbed for IMT-Advanced technologies (Prof. Yang Yang, WiCO, China)
Presentation 1 Ongoing MIMO wireless testbed development in Shandong University (Dr Jian Sun, SDU, China)
Discussions on the Panel Session on 13 Sept., WP4 (testbed), and mid-term evaluation; wrap up.
(chaired by the PMC: Xiaohu You, Mike Fitch, Cheng-Xiang Wang, Yang Yang, and Hua Huang)
17:00 Transportation to Reception and Riverside Cruise Hosted by Huawei

Communications Leadership Forum Programme (Day 2) [pdf]

More information

  • WiCO workshop attendee list [pdf]
  • WiCO workshop minutes [pdf] 


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