08 Jul 2010

A one-day project workshop was held at University College London (UCL), London, in 8 July 2010. About 28 people attended this workshop.
Dr Cheng-Xiang Wang from Heriot-Watt University gave an overview of major Chinese national research programmes in the (B)4G area. Prof. Yang Yang from Shanghai Resarch Centre in Wireless Communications (WiCO) gave an overview of a Chinese national special programme, which aims to develop a open-access (B)4G testbed in WiCo. 
Five UK-China Visiting Fellows (Dr Wei Chen, Dr Xiaohu Ge, Dr Hongjun Tang, Prof. Alister Burr, and Dr Xuemin Hong) presented a brief summary of their secondment activities. The 3 Chinese Researchers (Dr Wei Chen, Dr Xiaohu Ge, Dr Hongjun Tang) visiting the UK also introduced their universities’ contributions to major Chinese National Research Programmes in the (B)4G area. 
Four speakers from the industry (Mr Simon Fletcher from NEC, Mr Chris Nokes from BBC, and Mr Rob MacPherson from Huawei) were invited to share industrial perspectives of (B)4G evoluation. Dr Mike Fitch from BT chaired this workshop. 

More information about this workshop can be found at http://www.ukchinab4g.ac.uk/WP3_2010_London.html.

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