23-24 Aug 2010

A two-day project workshop was held at Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications (BUPT), on 23-24 August 2010. About 33 people attended this workshop.
The workshop was organised into seven sessions, each focused on a different technical area. A total of 25 presentations were delievered in the workshop, includeing five invited talks from academia (Prof. Zhiyong Feng from BUTP, Prof. Harald Hass from the University of Edinburgh, Prof. Sheng Chen from the University of Southampton, Dr John Thompson from the University of Edinburgh, and Dr Xiangyang Wang from Southeast University) and two invited talks from industry (Dr Yi Wang from Huawei and Dr Guangyi Liu from China Mobile).

More information about this workshop can be found under http://www.ukchinab4g.ac.uk/WP3_2010_Beijing.html.

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