19 Jan 2011

A one-day project workshop was held at University College London, London, on 19 January 2010. About 15 people attended this workshop. The workshop foused on two issues: UC4G testbed development and technical demonstration of (B)4G technologies.   
Two candidate technologies for future demonstration were discussed. One is the "Spatial Modulation" technique proposed by Prof. Harald Hass from the University of Edinburgh, the other is the "LTE Link Quality Evaluation" technique proposed by Mr Wuxiong Zhang from Shanghai Research Centre of Wireless Communications. Prof. Joe MaGeehan and Prof. Mark Beach from the University of Bristol, as well as Dr Tim Brown from the University of Surrey were invited to share their testbed design and building experiences.
Two major candidate solutions of the UC4G testbed were compared and discussed. One is proposed by National Instrument (NI) and the other by Lyrtech. It was agreed that the NI solution is in favour but further clarifications are needed.  

More details of this workshop can be found at http://www.ukchinab4g.ac.uk/WP3_2011_London.html 

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